The Right Approach to an Auction

Since 1980, Wilson Realty & Auction Co. has helped clients sell their property at auction. Since client circumstances differ when determining the right approach to selling property, Wilson Realty & Auction Co. will help to establish the best path to getting the best value for your property. Whether you are wanting to sell antiques, an entire estate, farm, farm equipment, and/or real estate, Tony Wilson, Principal Auctioneer, will guide you from beginning to end with the best possible outcome; receiving the highest value for your property.


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Why an Absolute Auction?

The seller disposes properties in a quick and efficient process, eliminating costs of ownership including taxes and maintenance. Because the auction sale is conducted in an open forum, motivated buyers and sellers will realize true market value as the auction progresses.
In an absolute auction, property is sold to the highest bidder. The absolute auction brings all interested buyers and sellers together at the same time to establish, through bidding, who will pay the most for the property. Because of the large, motivated response to this type of auction, it is a frequent choice of estate holders, financial institutions and government agencies for disposing of property.

Wilson Realty & Auction Co. is located in Danville, Kentucky, and offers services to the surrounding counties as well.

Contact us online, email Tony at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call Tony Wilson today at 859-326-2121 to schedule an appointment so we can professionally guide you through the auction process. Also, please browse the frequently asked questions below. 



Is an auction right for me?

Because circumstances differ among clients, some questions we ask are: What are you selling? What is your time frame to sell? Is there an urgent circumstance leading you to sell? When we answer these questions, we can determine the type of auction that is right for you.

What kind of auction is best for me?

If you are looking to sell items quickly and efficiently, an absolute auction is the best way to go. In an open forum, items are sold to the highest bidder without reserve. Items are usually received by the seller at the time of auction. This is a great way to know the true value of the items you are selling.
What kinds of items do you auction?

Wilson Realty & Auction Co. can auction just about any property. Some examples are real estate, vehicles, antiques, farms, farm equipment and personal property from estates. We will help to determine what is right to sell at auction handle associated transactions.
How do you advertise and promote my auction?

The number of interested bidders in attendance at an auction can determine the outcome of your auction. In order to better advertise your auction, Wilson Realty & Auction Co. takes a balanced approach:

First, our own website allows bidders to subscribe to receive email notices of upcoming auctions.
Second, a very popular venue for bidders to find auctions is the website AuctionZip. Bidders can search their local auctions and preview our detailed listings.
Third, printed flyer distribution.
Fourth, in most cases, auctions are published in local newspapers.

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